Shipping Methods

We ship our products all over Greece with a collaborating courier company and a delivery company. You can collect your order with the following methods:

1) In-store pick-up

Δυνατότητα παραλαβής των προϊόντων από τα γραφεία μας στην διεύθυνση: Physiomed Academy Training Center, Parnithos 38, 54453, Kato Toumpa, Thessaloniki, από Δευτέρα έως Παρασκευή από της 10:00 έως της 15:00. Η παραλαβή των προϊόντων γίνεται μόνον όταν ενημερωθείτε με email ότι η παραγγελία σας έχει ετοιμαστεί. Οι παραγγελίες που δεν παραλαμβάνονται από το κατάστημα μετά την πάροδο five (5) business days are cancelled automatically.

2) Delivery by Courier service

After your order is billed, a courierservice will deliver it to your specified address. Courier deliveries are in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of ELTA Courier.

3) Delivery by a carrier

If this is the cheapest and fastest method for you, we will contact you to change the shipping method from courier service to carrier. You will be asked to confirm which method you prefer. If you agree with the cost, your order will be billed and sent. The carrier is a more convenient choice if your order contains heavy objects.

Estimated Arrival Time

If the products are in stock, the estimated arrival time for orders delivered by courier is 1 to 5 business days, depending on your location. After your order is billed, the delivery time depends on the courier service or carrier that will deliver your order. In case a product is out of stock or there is a big load of orders, the delivery might take up to 10 business days, and you will be notified of the delay. Orders that take place on Saturday or Sunday are processed the next business day.

Shipping Cost

The shipping costs that apply to the orders sent through a courier company, are formed according to the kilos of each order or the volumetric weight and are found in the table below. For orders over € 100 and up to 4 kilos. If you want your order to be delivered at a specific time or on Saturday, you have to contact us first and there is an additional fee of 3€ VAT included.

In case the volumetric weight of an order is bigger than the real weight, your order will be charged based on the volumetric weight. Our company reserves the right, if there has been a change or incorrect estimate of the shipping cost, to modify the total cost of the order if you have previously informed. It is noted that all the following prices of shipping costs include VAT.

Up to 2kg 3.00€
From 2kg up to 3kg 4.00€
From 3kg up to 4kg 5.00€
From 4kg up to 5kg6.00€
From 5kg up to 10kg8.50€
From 10kg up to 15kg 12.40€
From 15kg up to 20kg 16.30€
From 20kg up to 25kg 20.00€
From 25kg and over 1.00 € per 1kg

Shipping to Cyprus

We do not currently ship to Cyprus because of the high shipping cost.